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The Driving Force behind what makes Entity Connect unique… Is our dedication to deliver

Entity Connect was incorporated in 2017, (then as Entity Power) with a vision to deliver high-quality electricity utility installations to new developments in the South East.

Initially starting out with NERS accreditation we responded to what our customers really wanted…the hassle of all utility applications and installations to be taken away from them.

We subsequently engaged with gas industry professionals, who continue to work with us today, to ensure we were able to offer the same quality installations for gas as our customers had come to expect from the electricity. With this in place we sought, and successfully gained, Lloyds GIRS accreditation.

About Entity Connect - South East England

Now fully accredited to install electricity and gas networks we collaborate with a partner company to complete water installations as a full multi-utility service.

We are a team with a passion for what we do and a commitment to do what we say we will. It is this passion and commitment which has seen the company grow steadily over the last year through repeatedly delivering on our promise to our clients and which will be necessary to see the company grow from strength to strength over the coming years.

We aim to offer a more personal service, learning about you and your company so we can tailor our approach to integrate into your build plans. With us you are not just another site. You are a valued customer – and each customer is different.

Unlike some other multi-utility providers, we have made the decision to keep our footprint small, to provide a responsive service over a smaller geographical area.

In doing so, we aim to be able to respond to site requests more efficiently, helping to keep your build programme on track and provide the on-site support you need, when you need it.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated dealing with a larger company and you feel you’re being passed from pillar-to-post or you just can’t get the answer you need…give us a try.

You’ll be provided with a single point of contact throughout your project – strengthening the personal and flexible approach.

Our utilities industry experience has enabled us to take and implement the best processes whilst filtering out the unnecessary procedures which we believe hinder progress and frustrate time critical deadlines.

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